Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First few days in London...

So, I arrived in London on Sunday night up from Devon on the train. Myself and the other two new graduates with ThoughtWorks, Val and Beccy, are all staying in a really plush hotel near Russell Square, about 5 mins down the road from work.

Work is just by Covent Garden so at lunch times we've been exploring there, great being so close. I have also discovered that it turns out you can actually walk places in London and they're not a million miles away from each other too... I thought you had to get the tube everywhere!

For the first few days at work we've just been sorting our selves out really and had a few induction type chats. Got our new laptops too, poor Val and Beccy were deseperate for Mac's and our recruiter Matt had said they were getting them and they got all excited and turns out that they didn't... they were gutted bless 'em!

Theres a wicked view out of the window at work, its in the pic below, I'm such a tourist, you can see the London Eye and Big Ben and parliment and everything!

Feels a bit wierd at work at the moment, we're in a kind of limbo as we can't really do anything untill we've been to India, so hence why I started this blog, plus we have a massive list of stuff to read before we start ThoughtWorks University (TWI) on Friday...

We leave for India tomorrow, arriving in Bangalore at 4.15am on Friday and then straight to the office for 9am!

Meeting up with some old friends tongiht, can't wait to see them, and then tomorrow the real adventure begins, lets just hope that ThoughtWorks have actually remembered to book out cars/flights/Apartments in India!!
The view out of the office....
My fellow Grads Val and Beccy

The first blog...

As I've just joined ThoughtWorks and they're really into blogging, I thought it was about time that I gave this blogging malarky a go...

I hope to have regular updates on where I am and what i'm doing as I embark on my new career and various adventures, including photos and wierd things that I come accross along the way.

Feel free to comment and come back regularly to see what Ive been up to.