Sunday, March 7, 2010

New City - New Client

I have finally experienced what it's really like to be a consultant.... travel!

For the first 6 weeks of my current client H&R Block I was travelling between their head quarters in Kansas City, Missouri and one of our ThoughtWorks offices, Atlanta. You really feel the grind, and your short weekends at home become very precious.

The view from the TW Atlanta office

It's the smallest team that I've been a part of, just 4 of us. 1 client principal/project manager and 3 devs. Although quite daunting at first to be in such a small team, it also allowed me to shine, and to play a few different roles. Developer / Business Analyst / Quality Assurance depending on the hour.

The Hilton President in KC, viewed from the HR Block HQ

The whole project was a short 6 weeks, at times frustrating we definitely delivered what we and they wanted.

I have now transitioned onto another team with the same client. This time we're based in Chicago. Yay! It's great to actually spend some time in Chicago and I'm more than happy to be able to spend more time with Tim. Hoping to be able to make some proper friends here too.

A gorgeous evening in Chicago, from our space in the TW Chicago office

The team is larger and fully staffed with all roles, and much more rigorous agile. I'm getting the chance to work with some awesome people. Always takes a bit of time for me to find my place in a new team, but hopefully I'm getting there. Should be an exciting project!