Monday, May 2, 2011


Yes, It's true. I've disappeared off the edge of the blogosphere. I have much catching up to do.

Life has been pretty busy since Christmas (Holy Moly it's May already), and as I'm no longer on a project that I have to fly too I don't have as much time hanging about in airport and on planes that I get most of my blogging done. But - ah ha- I AM on a plane, back from Calgary where I was at my friends Sara and JJ's wedding so will attempt to catch up.

What am I up to at the moment?
Well currently I am on a project for a large machinery manufacturer in the lovely Peoria, Illinois, about a 3 hour drive south-west from Chicago. I left the client in New York in early February. The new project is pretty intense, I have more responsibility that I have been used to in the past and we are working long hours to make the project hopefully end in success. There is a lot more enablement on this gig too, so I am feeling useful again!

Although I don't have to fly every week anymore I feel like I have much less time on my hands now that instead I have to drive every week. I guess less idle time, and blogging and emailing while driving is pretty frowned upon I hear, even in the US.

Since my last blog I have done some skiing, my Dad and Bro came out to visit and we went skiing and then visited NYC on their way home, Tim and I went to Hawaii with his family and I am on my way home from a weekend in Calgary. It's no wonder I haven't had much time. Coming up is my birthday in a couple of weeks (Scary 26), Tim and I are off to Vegas for the weekend, Tim has qualified again for the WSOP in Vegas in July so hopefully there will be a bunch of us going to that, and unfortunately probably no UK trip this summer, but we'll be back for Christmas for sure!

So... let the blogging commence.....

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