Monday, November 2, 2009

On the move again...

I have a whole heap of blogging to do but firstly I thought I would officially announce...

....That I'm moving to Chicago in December!

32,000 miles of long distance relationship later, it's about time that Tim and I are in the same country at least, so I'm leaving the lovely Canada and heading to join Tim in Chicago.

I'm staying with ThoughtWorks (yay!), which is great, will hopefully make this leap of faith a bit easier. I've met a bunch of people from the Chicago office in different parts of the world, so that will be good. Work wise I'm looking forward to some new challenges, no idea where the next project will take me, I've been told that I should be prepared for traveling so who knows! I've been on my current (and first ever) gig since February, it's been a crazy journey since I started there and I can only thank everyone for their positive encouragement and patience! I can honestly say that I'm petrified about starting on a new project, but must be brave!

I've loved loved my time in Canada, yay for the skiing, yay for the hiking, yay for the lovely people. I didn't think that my ThoughtWorks career would start in Canada but I'm glad that it did, and I'm forever grateful for the opportunity that I had to come over here. The Canada TW office is an awesome place, friendly and cosy, everytime I walk in, I am greeted with hugs, that's my kind of office! I'm sure the experience will be different in the big bad world of the TW headquarters in Chicago...

And finally.... can't believe that I'm all growd up and going to be living with a boyyyy! I'm really looking forward to it, there's now two people to worry about in all my country hoping, but I reckon Chicago for a year or so will be wicked fun. Everyone's welcome to come and visit us!

The plan so far is to roll off my current project in mid December, fly from Calgary to Chicago to move all my things and then had straight off back to the UK for Christmas and a catch up with the faaaaamimly. Tim's coming too god help him ;-) Then back to Chicago on Jan 1st.

The Photo was taken by the Lovely Suzi Edwards at the TW Canada Away Day 2009

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Beccy said...

Simmons! You are looking just gorgeous! I can't believe you have to live with a boy - they are so smelly!! :P Also - I guess this means I need to look into tickets to Chicago not Calgary for my holiday to visit you next year :P.

I'm so excited that you're changing regions - and that you get lots of time with your lovely (if smelly) man :).

Much love to both of you, cannot wait to see you at Christmas (hopefully). I have 2 weeks off then, so can totally drive to Devon to see your lovely self! :)

x x x